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BAKO Launches New Sourdough Range

Tuesday, 15 November 2022
BAKO has launched a new selection of Sourdough Breads, as part of its BAKO Select ‘Finish’ range, to help bakers meet increased consumer demand for this increasingly popular bake.

The Sourdough offering is the latest addition to the BAKO ‘Finish’ range that includes carefully selected products, from sausage rolls, pies and pasties to confectionery. The ‘Finish’ range consists of products to thaw and serve, bake off or decorate, and are a quick and easy addition to bakery counters.

Sourdough bread is free from manufactured baker’s yeast, relying on natural airborne yeast to raise the loaf. This is a natural bread that is slowly fermented giving the customer a high-quality product that is more digestible than standard loaves, providing nutritional benefit.

Gemma Webster, Marketing Manager at BAKO, said: “The popularity of the sourdough loaf developed during lockdown, and since then we have seen increased demand for this tasty bake. Our bakers regularly report that the sourdough is becoming one of their most popular products in-stores, so we are delighted that in response to both consumers, and our own customer demand, that we can now offer this tasty bake to the BAKO Select ‘Finish’ range.

“The Sourdough’s popularity comes from taste and texture and the appealing rustic appearance of the hand-crafted bake, containing natural bursts and contrasting dark crusts. Now with the BAKO sourdough, available as a frozen product to thaw and serve, it is also a convenient option for our customers.”

As part of the BAKO Select ‘Finish’ range, the new Sourdough range come in a variety of 8 / 12 pack sizes requiring bakers to simply thaw and serve, and flavours available include white, multi-seed, and 3 cheese & jalapeno loaves, plus a cheese and onion sourdough baguette.

BAKO’s Technical Baker Claire Powell said: “I was incredibly impressed with these products when we were reviewing for listing. They look fantastic and taste great. After a refresh in the oven, you would never know that they had been frozen and thawed. The sourdough has a fabulous aroma, a crispy outer and a lovely interior structure. They are a great addition to the BAKO range and are of the highest quality.”