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BAKO Welcomes City of Glasgow Students

Monday, 23 May 2022
Earlier this year, the Scottish Bakers Awards kicked off with a competition between up-and-coming City of Glasgow final year bakery students. They went head-to-head at Trades Hall in Glasgow, aiming to create “Scotland on a Cake”. As part of our lead sponsorship of the Awards, all the entrants received an experience day at The BAKOry, our Development Centre located on our Preston Site.

Throughout the day, BAKO's Technical baker, Claire Powell, gave our visitors a view into her world. Everything from BAKO Select Testing for quality control to a development exercise for a hypothetical customer wishing to improve their chocolate gateau. 

Any baker worth their salt must have the skills to bake from scratch, which the final year students have worked hard to perfect over the course of their studies, but the reality of running a modern bakery means work on a different timetable. With this in mind, Claire wanted to give the students experience baking with our popular time and labour saving BAKO Select multi-seed bread concentrate and crème cake mix along with ready-to-thaw frozen products. Amazed with the ease of use and quality of results, the students had their eyes opened to a new way of baking and an insight into how the industry has adapted to recent challenges it has faced.

As well as giving the next generation of bakers an insight into how the industry operates, we took the opportunity to get the students' thoughts and feedback on some of the latest and most innovative products available to BAKO customers. They were blown away by the infinitely colourful possibilities of Mona Lisa's ingenious "Power Flowers"; heading with samples to wow their fellow future-bakers.