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Real Bread Week Rises Again

Monday, 10 February 2020
The 22nd February through to the 1st March 2020 signifies a time to celebrate all things artisan and the creation of additive-free loaves of real bread.The aim of the week is simple, to encourage people to buy bread from local independent bakeries (look out for those with the loaf mark). Alternatively, the week also encourages consumers to make their own bread based foods and understand what's in the food they eat.

The week is set up by charity, Sustain, who receive no financial support apart from through donations to help them support small, independent bakeries and continue to champion the production of real bread. Their aim is simple, to make bread more nutritious and delicious whilst minimising the impact on the planet.

This year will mark the 12th year of Real Bread Week, the 2020 campaign will heavily feature enterprises and projects around the UK that benefit from baking. For example, Bad Boys Bakery and Freedom Bakery, which are located in London and Glasgow respectively. These two projects aim to offer life skills and employment opportunities for those in prison so that they can be reintegrated into society following release with prospects. There are also projects that aim to help those who suffer with mental health and those seeking asylum.

As part of the week, we want to encourage all of our valued customers to join in and show off your bread making skills. You can get involved online and share your story with the hashtag #WeAreRealBread. You can also register to run your own event or activity to promote the week, this could be a tasting event or even a class. If you do run an event, remember to add it to the calendar on the Sustain website.